Currencci contains personal essays written to help myself think through various topics in financial infrastructure. To learn more, please read the Currencci thesis.

who am I?

I believe improving financial infrastructure is one of the highest impact avenues to a fairer, freer society.

I also need an easily accessible repository for fun recipes and favorite cocktail specs.

Currencci articles come in two flavors: (i) informational, and (ii) commentary. You can toggle

  • Informational articles provide factual primers on a given topic, like an article in the Economist
  • Commentary articles are akin to opinion pieces

All views expressed on this site are solely my own, and do not represent those of any entity which I have been or am affiliated (especially my employer). Nothing on this site constitutes investment advice.

I welcome all corroborating and dissenting opinions as well as corrections. Please reach out via the contact section of the site.

who are you?

Someone fascinated by how financial infrastructure works and impacts society.


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All photos and imagery are my own unless otherwise credited.

Cover photo taken from Mohit Kulkarni on Pexels (thanks!)

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