I established Currencci to explore financial technology (fintech). To learn more, please read the Currencci thesis.

who am I?

I love financial infrastructure and would like to advance it to a more streamlined, useful, and equitable end state.

Currencci articles come in two flavors: (i) informational, and (ii) commentary. The intent is to educate readers on core financial infrastructure context with the former, and discuss it with the latter.

Selfishly, I use these essays to enrich my perspective on subtopics that interest me.

All views expressed on this site are solely my own, and do not represent those of any entity which I have been or am affiliated (especially my employer). Nothing on this site constitutes investment advice.

I welcome all corroborating and dissenting opinions as well as corrections. Please reach out via the contact section of the site.

who are you?

Someone fascinated by humanity’s self-organization, contradictions, and creativity, and willing – or eager – to explore these topics through financial infrastructure.

a special note

I’m building a company to grow trust in the global financial system. If you’re interested in joining me, please reach out on the contact section of the site.


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All photos and imagery are my own unless otherwise credited.

Cover photo taken from Mohit Kulkarni on Pexels (thanks!)

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